Taken by P.Forrev

Half Moon

P. by Steve Carter

Night Sky

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Sun Zara

Listen carefully darling
listen, listen
Today from the silence keep coming
Frenzied heartbeats and my heart is also saying something
Listen.. listen darling
From past moments' shadows
I think of our conversations
underneath the red gaze ecstasy has frozen
I can't take my eyes off yours
what can I do in this restless state?
My heartbeat's gone awry.. and my heart is saying something
Listen carefully darling,
listen carefully today with silence
wishing kissing your sadness away...
Wish I could bring you your entire happiness
wish I could hide my own betraying restless feelings in my heart
I want my whole desire to go onto you
those moist lips have wiped away my prayers
my heartbeat's awry.. and my heart is also saying something
Listen carefully darling
with silence, today...


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