Taken by P.Forrev

Half Moon

P. by Steve Carter

Night Sky

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When you kiss me

This could be it, I think I'm in love
It's love this time..
It just seems to fit, I think I'm in love
This love is mine...x

I can see you with me when I'm older
All my lonely night are finally over
You took the weight of the world off my
shoulders (the world just goes away)

When you kiss me
I know you miss me..
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me - oh, when you kiss me
Oh, yeah...

You are the one, I think I'm in love
Life has begun...

I can see the two of us together
I know I'm gonna be with you forever
Love couldn't be any better...x

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