Taken by P.Forrev

Half Moon

P. by Steve Carter

Night Sky

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House of Dreams

My dreams brought me now
To the house of my dreams
My heart is in the
Emptiness forever

In Rogatina, under the rain
I am taking an oath
On a little girl who is dancing
That her dreams are to become real
At the bright blue skies
The lost northern star
Banished dreams to the moonlight

The past will be lost and gone
If the waves has embraced your soul
Like telling all the things
My heart made her peace with the tears
Nastasia, farewell


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Anonymous said...

تقدیم به دوست فهیم و مهربانی که ایده‌ی اولیه‌ی این پست از ایشون بود

raheleh said...

مثل همیشه خوش سلیقه و لطیف .. ممنون از همراه کردن عکس ، آهنگ و شعر زیبا ، لذت بردم

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