Taken by P.Forrev

Half Moon

P. by Steve Carter

Night Sky

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If You would return to me

How to survive
How to calm my thirst
How can I continue without you
How can I jump without a net
With that farewell so savage and cruel
You took away all I had
Time came to a halt
And my heart is now a desert

Oh if you came back to me
The sun would raise thousand spring times
If you but came back to me
Every kiss you gave me would be miraculous
But today you’re gone
And there is no turning back

What is there after you?
More than these tears
Like the rain in a garden
Playing endless music,
Cold and tragic.
Now on bended knee I plead to God
That for the good of us both
Something might break inside you when you listen
To this idiot dying of love

You let loose a hurricane,
The fire and fury of a volcano
That I don't know how to stem
Being the fool that I was
A slave to you
I just can't do that anymore.

Oh if you would just come back to my life,
if you come back
If you returned me,
I would be happy once again
But today you are gone
And there is no return for us

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