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Half Moon

P. by Steve Carter

Night Sky

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Living to Love You

All we had was just one summer
Two lovers strolling in the park
But like they say the world keeps turning
As the leaves were falling we should fall apart
Now I'm waiting for the winter
To build a castle out of ice
And deep inside this massive building
There's a crystal lake of all the tears I cried
Baby for all my life
Don't you know that it's true
I'm living to love you
So baby don't think twice
If you feel what I feel
Trust your heart, do what I do
'Cause I'm living to love you
When you're gone, it's not forever
Cause you're remaining in my heart
So tell me why I feel this aching
Every time I think of you when we're apart
I admit that from time to time
I'm feeling insecure
And think I'm gonna lose my mind
Don't let it show, oh, no, no, no
I don't think I'll ever understand
That our loving should never have a happy end
So I'm really gonna try my best
To let you know
When the final day comes
I know the angels
They will see my smile
And if they wanna know the reason
I will tell them why
Baby for all my life
I'm living to love you

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